Crossword Wizard Creator V6

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What they say;

"A must have crossword creator. This program should be part of every teacher's professional software library. It will save hours of time and add value to classroom lessons."

"Crossword Wizard is a very flexible crossword creator. The extra puzzles allow me to add variety to my lessons without any extra effort and the students enjoy the challenge."

Just enter the words and clues (or grab them from the built-in dictionary), add a graphic or select a puzzle shape to assemble the puzzle quickly and easily. Native 64bit application.

Create puzzles for vocabulary, spelling, topic reviews, foreign language, school newsletters or web sites. Design puzzle shapes to match your topic theme or insert graphic backgrounds to enhance the puzzle presentation and interest.

Uniquely, Crossword Wizard provides more than a dozen different puzzle types that can be generated from the one word/clue list, with many variations for each puzzle type.

  1. Communicative Crossword                                • Word Jumble

  2. Clueless Crossword                                          • Clue Jumble

  3. No Peeky Crossword                                        • Cartoon Jumble

  4. Standard Find-A-Word                                      • Match Word

  5. Clue Find-A-Word                                             • Word Definitions

  6. Circle Find-A-Word